View Full Version : 6800 Nu - 7800gtx

09-27-05, 02:34 PM
I've just bit the bullet and ordered one. Being as the drivers are unified, would i be fine to simply stick the 7800 in without uninstalling the existing drivers first? They are the current stable release too.

09-27-05, 02:59 PM
It will be best to unistall the drivers properly and reinstall them.

09-28-05, 03:16 PM
Even if you dont uninstall the drivers, it would ask you to install it, after you boot with the 7800 for the first time.
so instead, uninstall drivers, use driver cleaner. and then install 7800 with new drivers.

You wont/should-not encounter problems by doin this.

09-29-05, 02:40 PM
I did as advised. Installed and the difference is night & day! Bring on the new games :D