View Full Version : Best xocket 939 MOBO

09-27-05, 05:04 PM
Hey guys I was just wondering what the best non SLI MOBO is right nowfor socket 939? I don't think SLI is all that needed when the xbox 360 is right around the corner and not many games will take advantage of SLI.

09-27-05, 05:12 PM
xbox360 nowhere compares to dual 7800gtx's.. you'll see.

Anyways, best board, I would have to say either the DFI Lanparty, or the MSI K8N Neo4.

09-27-05, 05:57 PM
DFI Lanparty AND Asus A8N-SLI Premium, the MSI is known to have some quirks.

09-27-05, 06:17 PM
Just dont get an abit. Problems galore.

09-27-05, 11:44 PM
id go with the DFI lan party, some people have even made SLI boards out of them. theyre nforce4 ultra, and give you that option to go SLI if you want to later ;)

oh yea, not to mention theyre awesome OC'ers and all around great boards.

09-27-05, 11:52 PM
Didn't nVIDIA, through an nFORCE driver update, or DFI through a BIOS update make it so that it's not possible to do that anymore with the Ultra boards?

09-28-05, 12:38 AM
Depends on which revision of the board I think. When first produced there was virtually no difference between the Lanparty with Ultra chipset versus the one with SLI chipset. From what I've read the motherboard itself was exactly the same. All someone had to do was pencil in the nForce chip to make it an SLI chip. Now I think the chip has some hard putty like goo in that spot in which people were penciling it in, so it is a probably a little bit harder to mod now.

10-03-05, 01:14 PM
DFI or EPoX...