View Full Version : Need help with an issue.

09-27-05, 06:44 PM
I recently purchased a Chaintech vnf3-250 nforce 3 mobo. It has the 10/19/04 bios. There is only one more Bios update on their website and the only chage it make is that it makes the default ram timing "2T". As my mobo is right now it runs at "1T"@400Mhz. I have 1gig of pc3200 ddr 400 ram but when I run dxdiag it reports it as 1,022 mb or ram. These are two 512 sticks by the way. Is this due to the motherboard picking 1t timing as the default? Would upgrading the BIOS to the latest 5.0 version that makes the default memory timing "2T" make dxdiag say 1,024 mb of ram again? Some clarification on this whole 1t and 2t memory timing things would be very much appreciated.

09-27-05, 10:23 PM
1T is faster than 2T and you still have 1,024MB of memory, it's not as though your BIOS made 2MB physically fall off the chips. It's just being reported wrong is all. Nothing to worry about.