View Full Version : Damn and here I thought my new 6800GT was the problem.

09-27-05, 09:38 PM
Ok, my new 6800GT arrived today and as soon as i installed it and played games my computer would restart, no matter what I did from fine tuning the memory timings to screwing around the voltages it would just reboot, I even tried adding another antec power supply to see if it would happen again, and yep it rebooted, finally after hours of searching I found the problems, DUST Bunnies on my thermalright slk800 cooler, my temps dropped an amazing 12 degrees, its cool to the touch when i put my hands on the cpu cooler now, even hours of non stop playing. anyways just happy and wanted to post this since i keep seeing posts about people having problems with their videocards and reboots..


09-28-05, 03:17 PM
Great, what were your temps like, before you cleant it.