View Full Version : Quick Change of Signal Format/Resolutions???

09-28-05, 05:53 PM
Does anyone know of a quick way to change the signal format (from EDTV/480P to HDTV/1080i, and vice versa) and associated resolutions?

I've got a 6200 using the MCE drivers 77.79 (new) with a component output (Y/Pb/Pr) to drive a Sony RPTV. Basically I want to quickly switch between PC Desktop use (EDTV format at 720x480) and HDTV use (HDTV format at 1080i), and the only way I know how to do this is going into settings, selecting the TV tab, setting the format, saying yes to a couple of warnings, etc....) The problem I have is that at 1080i the buttons are so small I can't read them and I just guess what they say to get back to 480p.

I've tried putting these settings into different profiles and assigning Hot Keys, but the problem seems to be that the profile change only affects the resolution settings and NOT the signal format setting (i.e. SDTV/480p or HDTV/1080i).

Anyone have this problem and have any good solutions? Any help is appreciated.

09-29-05, 04:18 AM
I have the same problem. I can read the menus but it's a tedious process to switch from desktop/dvd resolution (480p) to gaming resolution (720p or 1080i).

The reason nview and other apps don't auto-change the resolution is by design i think. So it won't try to switch to a resolution your hdtv may not support. I agree that changing the HDTV resolution should be a little easier though.

09-29-05, 04:50 AM
Maybe you should try MultiRes :)

09-29-05, 03:36 PM
Thanks degust - Multires looks like a nice little freeware app. I'll give it a try. I'm a little concerned it will only flip among the available resolutions within the current signal format (480p or 1080i) and won't change the format itself, but it's worth a try!