View Full Version : Fox's nForce4 6.67a x64 Driver

09-28-05, 08:17 PM
I made a usual nForce4 Re-Install Package and.

But this time I'm deciding to share it with you all also too make sure you all have thee most uptoo date drivers possible ! (You know me my "Addiction" is new Drivers/Hardware !, LoL).

This nForce WinXP 64-bit driver package contains the below components:

Ethernet NRM driver version 4.82 (WHQL)
SMBus driver version 4.50 (WHQL)
WinXP IDE PATARAID driver version 5.52
WinXP IDE SATARAID driver version 5.52 (WHQL)
WinXP IDE SATA_IDE driver version 5.52 (WHQL)


Enjoy !

Fresh Install (RAID) How To:

1. Extract the package to your favorite folder. :)

2. Go into the IDE/WinXP/sataraid folder.

3. Put all the contents onto a blank floppy.

4. Delete the sataraid folder.

5. Now the package is ready for the nForce driver install once windows is installed.

6. Install WinXP normally with the infamous F6 driver install etc.

7. Make sure too install BOTH drivers.

8. After WinXP is installed load up that package you made previously. And install all three options. Then restart, And now you have IDE at the same driver as RAID 5.52. :)

09-29-05, 03:53 AM
what's the dif between these and the standard 6.67s I could download from anywhere?

09-30-05, 08:17 AM
Just the new SMBUS 4.50.

09-30-05, 12:23 PM
Nforce4 only right?
Nothing happened with Nforce3 drivers since 5.10?

09-30-05, 12:26 PM
yes only NF4.

10-02-05, 09:21 PM
they work fine on nForce3 for me, or at least 6.66 does.

10-03-05, 02:49 AM
they work fine on nForce3 for me, or at least 6.66 does.

True only as long as you upgrade an installation from a version made for nF3 that had the AGP component. If you try to do a straight installation of nF4 drivers onto an nF3 system, it will be unhappy.

10-03-05, 05:05 AM
oh yeah i just leave the agp driver installed all the time because it's never updated anymore.