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12-30-02, 04:32 AM
I'm having no luck getting FSAA to work on my newly bought GF4 Ti 4200 with the original UT. If I enable any level of FSAA in the drivers (41.09 WHQL), and run UT, the whole system freezes after the initial splash screen (where you normally get "Precaching" displayed before the flyby starts).

UT is Version 436 Game Of The Year edition, with the second CD installed. Settings are 1024x768x32, with everything maxed out. Oddly, I only get screen resolutions up to something like 1280x768 or some odd combo in the resolution drop down, not even 1280x1024. I've even re-installed the game, just to eliminate any oddments when the new card was installed.

The Game rocks with 8x Aniso, average 90FPS on the below setup. I'm quite disappointed, as I was looking forward to UT with all possible GF4 Ti graphical eye candy.

Any ideas anyone?

12-30-02, 04:36 AM
Don't use AA ?

12-30-02, 05:11 AM
Originally posted by MrNasty
Don't use AA ?

That is an option, but my point is - it *should* work with FSAA - UT2003 does (destroying any playability in the process) - so surely the original UT should work. Older games look much better when there are no jaggies...

12-30-02, 10:58 AM
Try using OpenGL instead, its much better.