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09-30-05, 01:22 AM

Today, Dell has introduced the next version of their high performance XPS notebook series. The new XPS M170 is similar to the previous model with a few key upgrades. In keeping with their exemplary track record, NVIDIA has announced the GeForce Go 7800 GTX in coordination with the first product launch containing their part. The $349 upgrade to the Go 6800 Ultra can be added to any XPS M170 purchase. Paired with the Pentium M 780, this machine will be an absolute mobile(?) monster.

The new Go 7800 GTX will be clocked at 400 MHz with 256MB of 1.1GHz GDDR3. The hardware is basically the same as the desktop version of the 7800 GTX with NVIDIA's power saving features enabled. This means 8 vertex pipelines and 24 pixel pipelines running with all the goodness of the G70's enhanced ability to handle math more effectively. The core clock is a little slower than the previous generation's 450MHz, but what it lacks in clock speed, it should more than make up for in terms of performance.

We were told that the enhancements to NVIDIA's mobile power management don't add any new features but simply enhance the granularity of their clock gating among other enhancements to efficiency. Graphics companies don't handle chip design the same way as a processor company. We won't see things like hand designed dynamic logic on a GPU - they are simply too complex to spend that much time going over at that detail. Process shrinks and architectural efficiency are also of the utmost importance to keeping GPUs fast and low power, and NVIDIA certainly has an advantage in the mobile space with the G70 design.

Already avaible to order :)


Still weighs less than 9lbs.

09-30-05, 01:25 PM
Yeah, I've been eyeing the XPS notebooks for a while. A couple of my friends have them and they love 'em.