View Full Version : Applying Arctic Silver 5 on LGA775?

09-30-05, 02:13 AM
I've handled 478's and 939's before, but what about 775's? My method is two rice grain-sized blobs in the center and then squish with the heatsink. Since Prescott's are room-heaters, should I do an even spread instead?


09-30-05, 02:43 AM
I do an even spread on all CPU's, including LGA's. Of course, a very, very thin spread.

The only thing you wanna avoid is putting too much. Most people put way too much thermal grease

09-30-05, 09:24 AM
i heard its generally good advice to evenly coat the entire core (on chips like an athlon xp) and the entire casing (just the highest flat part). also, the layer should be about the thickness of a piece of paper, and it should not squeeze out the sides of where the HSF makes contact witht the chip.

i also tint the bottom of the HSF (if it never had grease on it) by putting a small bead, then taking a coffee filter (the fibers dont fall off of it like they would with a paper towel) i massage it into the metal to fill the grooves, and wipe off as much excess as possible.

i was told about all this in the MSI forums. has worked very well for me, and i get good cooling.

09-30-05, 10:01 AM
Alternatively, I use a bit of polythene, (plastic bag) over my finger for spreading into the heatsink base.

I always squeeze onto the heatsink base, cos too much always comes out. Then use a needle to pick a tiny bit up, and spread it out over the cpu. Rub the remaining into the bottom of the heatsink, and remove all excess.