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09-30-05, 07:08 AM
Hi People,
I have a weird problem.

I installed my new system with an Abit AV8-3rd eye board and A64 +3000 CPU yesterday.
Everything worked fine, I installed all the drivers and got back to playing my games, and all was well.
This morning I got into the BIOS to change the AGP aperture size to 256MB and to disable onboard audio (I have an Audigy 2 ZS), and after that the system wonít boot.

POST will be fine but it will not identify or ďSeeĒ ANY hard drives!
I have two IDE drives on IDE1 Ė the DVDROM is on IDE2 Ė I didnít change or do anything. I tried playing with various BIOS settings, enabling and disabling the IDE controllers but the system refuses to even see the hard drives.

I donít understand why/how this happened, I didnít do or change anything and the system was running rock solid for over 12 hours. Also I didnít OC anything.

What do you think it can be?

Please advise,


My specs:

A64 +3000 (Venice)
1GB 400DDR
Abit AV8-3rd eye
1x130GB Maxtor hdd
1x30GB hdd
6800GT (256MB)
Audigy 2ZS

09-30-05, 12:47 PM
are the hard drives sata or ide?

09-30-05, 01:07 PM
If they really won't show up, you could try clearing the cmos. Usually there's a jumper for it.