View Full Version : 6800gt oc farcry help

09-30-05, 11:47 PM
Hi everyone, I just purchased a bfg6800gt oc card for my sons computer and when i play farcry at the beginning of the game the rocks look like they are glowing and the tunnel you walk through is also very bright and then when you get outside some of the buildings are white,I have tryed several drivers 61.x , 66.93, and 78.01 and all the same, also when you go to auto detect everything gets set to low,?even though it says system specs is very high, I have tryed to play doom 3 to me it looks very dark but i have never played the game so i cant say for sure and my son lives out of state so he cant tell me either in both games i have tryed diff setting but nothing seems to work.. Any Ideas
machine specs:xp pro w/sp2:lanparty nf3 250gb board:amd athlon 64 3000+:1gb of ram:480 power supply: 6800gt oc card: dvd rom dr

10-01-05, 12:50 AM
Try downloading the patches for Farcry, they fix several problems with the GF6 series. As I recall, a mate had the same problems you did with a 6600, fixed by the patch. As for Doom 3, yes its very dark. :)

10-01-05, 03:13 AM
Far Cry should work fine as long as you have downloaded the 1.3patch and use some of the newer drivers ,but I have not had any problem with any drivers as long as the game is patched to 1.3.,and yes that was one of my grips about Doom3 that it was so dark,but thats how it is supposed to look like.

10-01-05, 10:48 AM
Thanks guys that seemed to fix the prob, I really apprec you taking the time to reply.. again thanks:D