View Full Version : Weird problem ive been getting with my 6800GT

10-01-05, 01:44 AM
you know when you have video files in a folder and you goto thumbnail mode and it shows a little preview ? As soon as i do that my videocard goes into this extremely low resolution, i cannot switch back to 1280x1024 because i cant see make out the screen, so i either have to reboot or somehow manage to open a game with fullscreen on and then exit back for my video settings to get back to normal. After that though when i go into thumbnail mode it doesnt do that, just the first time i go inito the folder to view the thumbnail. Hope im making any sense thanks.

10-01-05, 12:10 PM

10-03-05, 09:40 AM
That is a very odd problem. I haven't heard of it before. Did you try googling it? Find a fix yet?

10-03-05, 05:06 PM
i had that problem and it only did it when i had certain p2p programs installed on my system. kazaa and another one did that to me

10-03-05, 11:10 PM
Weird, but like Root said, it might actually be that there is a conflicting thumbnail viewer on ya Pc. Personally I would turn off thumbnail view for video files anyhow, always seems pointless but still, you could try reinstalling your vid card drivers, uninstall then use Driver Cleaner in safe mode before reinstalling them, plus disable thumbnail support for any third party software you got running and run CCleaner through your system, it's a free download if you Google it.

10-04-05, 01:21 PM
I had the same problem and uninstalling real player fixed it.