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10-02-05, 08:25 PM
Hi there
I appreciate that to enable AA within this game you must download the latest patch.
I note that in the release notes it says that to turn on AA you must modify "r_multisample_quality" to give it a value of the AA you wish.
Problem is I see no line to modify in the config files.
Are yu supposed to insert the line with the AA value yu want used ??
Which config file do yu use ??
If that is the case, let's say I insert ""r_multisample_quality 4 " do I enable
4X AA in the nVidia control panel, or set to Äpplication Control"and let the game enable the AA setting of 4X ??

Cheers and thanks

10-03-05, 03:28 AM
You have to add that line in the config file. (i'll check the name of file later).

no .. forcing AA from the CP wont work.