View Full Version : GeForce 6800GT+ Zalman VF700-Cu

10-03-05, 03:49 PM
i installed this new cooler on my asus 6800 gt card, no noisy card now, thing is that for some reason the performance of my games fell down, for example when i launched epsxe[psx emu] with OpenGL 2 plugin the frame rate from 60, dropped to 30... and started stuttering like crazy which was always smooth with the stock cooling, FFXI seems to work slower too, no idea what's going on, anyone can suggest something? the PSU is 500W

10-04-05, 03:51 AM
one thing you should definitely do is check your temps to make sure you installed it right. if for some reason the heatsink isn't making proper contact your gpu could be overheating all the time forcing it to run in low power mode. you might want to do this soon to in case of damage.

10-04-05, 09:35 AM
ok, i remounted the cooler again, pressed it harder to the GPU, everything is back to normal, thanks a lot for pointing this out ... i didnt even think it might be the issue, thanks!

10-05-05, 06:22 AM
np! i always check to make sure my heatsink is firmly in place by trying to shine a flashlight throught the contact area.