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10-03-05, 10:49 PM
Depending on the temp of the room and the time of they day, my harddrive sensor picks up a temperature of about 37-40 C. In the morning, when i first turn it on, and its really cold in my house( especially becuz of the floors being tile downstairs) my temps are in the low 20's C. On full load, the maximum I've gotten is 42 C during the middle of the day (and so cal gets pretty hot). This is all in a Dell case, which is designed to pull air in from the front and blwo hot air out the back. I got a nice antec psu stated in my sig. No extra fans inside my case. And i noticed my graphics card is always cold when i touch it when im running a game for an hour or so. kinda strange if u ask me. I'm going to add two vantec fans in my case in the next couple weeks.
but my main question is, these temps are fairly good without any extra fans even on full load, right? i jsut wanted to make sure before i move my pc upstairs after my house is Wi-Fi'd (however u spell it). Is there a specific fan thats under 10 bucks (LED light is neat and all, but i dont care for it) that offers some good cooling. I'd like to get these as soon as possible so i can put them in and see how much my temps drop.

thanks for the help guys...love these forums :rolleyes:

10-03-05, 11:04 PM
Your temps are very good but when you move your pc upstairs you might see a rise in temps. 7200rpm HDDs can easily get into the mid-50C range but if your case has two fans in the front one of them is probably setup to cool the drive bay so you should still be OK.
Usually, if temperatures in your case start getting a little too high you will experience problems first with the gpu and/or cpu.

10-04-05, 09:19 AM
yeah im gonig to get some extra fans since i still got some psu connectors and a lot of room left. where should i place them at? probably one near my 6600 and another, where? we have 2 air conditioners, so ill just turn the upstairs one on and the downstairs off, and have the fan on in my room set to high and close the shades on the windows and i should be in fairly good shape. Also, after i took my pc of its little desk 'square' type of thing i got acouple degrees lower in temps. ill just keep messin around with it.

anyone know so some good, quiet fans and where i should put them?

EDIT: My cpu has an exhaust fan connected to a green shroud to pull the heat out from the heatsink on my p4, so i think im ok right there. ...i hope ;)