View Full Version : AMD 4400+ O/C Problem

10-05-05, 01:34 PM
OK, I got my CPU running at 2.6 (236mhz with a 9/10 Ram divider b/c the memory blows for oc'ing) Anyways, it's perfectly stable. I've had each core run prime95 at the same time and it's all good. My only problem is that when I play games or anything that is really stressful on the cpu I can hear almost a high pitch buzzing sound every 30 seconds. The sound will sound on for about 3 seconds and I've noticed during games my fps will go way down for those 3 seconds and then back up again. So obviously something is wrong! I know a few of you have the SLI-DR mobo here and it'd be great if u could check some of my bios settings alongside yours.

CPU Vid Startup Value 1.4v
CPU Vid Control 1.5v
CPU Vid Special Control Auto
LDT Voltage Control 1.2v
Chip Set Voltage Congrol 1.5v
DRAM Voltage Control 2.9v

My temps are idle at 36c or so and usually go to around 44c under load.

If any of those sound off to any of you, PLEASE let me know!

Thanx Again

10-05-05, 01:39 PM
Any idea where the sound is coming from? It could be from the PSU or your HSF or your Chipset Fan. Heck, Isn't the chipset fan on the DFI's loud?

10-05-05, 01:39 PM
Does this only happen when overclocking? Do you have the 704-2bta bios?

10-05-05, 01:51 PM
I'm using the 702-3 Bios b/c they took the 704's off the internet last I heard b/c of voltage increases and ppl were frying cpu's. Atleast that's what I read over on the dfi forums. Not sure exactly where the sound is coming from, I think it's coming from the cpu....:eek:

And yes, it only happens when I o/c it.

It's not the fans, my cpu is watercooled.