View Full Version : 6600 GT OC - Your Thoughts

10-05-05, 10:29 PM
Hey, I saw this card for sell at Best Buy and I am in dire need of a video card (see For Sale Thread) and just wanted some input on this card. Any good? What can I expect? Downsides? Anything informative would be appreciated. Thanks.

10-06-05, 12:27 AM
All the 6600GT's are great cards :thumbsup: . If its the BFG one it gets great reviews and is faster than most at stock speeds. Don't think you can go wrong unless you can find a faster card (like a 6800 for Nvidia or X800 XL from ATI) at a similar price.

10-06-05, 09:37 AM
Even though it's only 128MB? I can't find a 256MB version, except in PCI-e. Thanks for your input and yes, it's a BFG.

10-06-05, 11:29 AM
my experiences:
air cooling
6600 gt xfx
572hz gpu
1.2ghz ram
gets hot if you have a lot of pci cards

BF2 full settings 1024/7 something runs at around 40 fps and is nice and smooth

Fear demo- all graphix up, runs little choppy, im moving to watercoolign in a few weeks so hopefully i can push it more!

3d mark 05 with 2 gigs of ram and amd 3400- score 4200

10-09-05, 02:20 PM
I bought this card a cpl months back in PCIe flavor and have not been sorry. For $249CDN I could have gotten this one or a normal 6600GT from another manufacturer. Why not get more for the same money? I have not tried to OC it, since I haven't run into anything that I could not run smoothly on Full...Bang For Buck..you may as well get more for what you pay the same for.