View Full Version : Just ordered Leadtek 7800GTX Extreme edition

10-06-05, 09:47 AM
And sold my 6800Ultra.. whats the difference between standard? did i make the right choice i was going to go for the GT but thought id get the best so i would have an excuse not to upgrade for a while, im pretty clueless when it comes to hardware theres so much of it these days. did i make the right choice should i of waited for the X1800XT? im also searching for a new PCI-E socket 754 motherboard to tidy me over for a few months until i can get some extra cash to go 939.. any recommendations on agood 754 PCI-E motherboard im currently using aan athlon 64 3000+ and have managed to overclock it to 2.46ghz, i want a simialir board which is PCI-E what can overclock the same as the board i have now.

10-06-05, 10:01 AM
You made a fine choice :) Although the top of the line 512MB X1800 XT wasn't included in Guru3D's review of ATI's X1800 line-up - http://www.guru3d.com/article/Videocards/262/ - due to an RMA, it's safe to assume the X1800 XT is roughly on par with the GTX.

Your 'Extreme Edition' GTX has simply been overclocked at the factory.

10-06-05, 11:01 AM
ok mate thanks for repying, any recommendations on what motherboard would be best suited for me (socket 754 PCI-E) im on a pretty tight budget. ive got around £60 to spend on a motherboard.

10-06-05, 11:07 AM
I can recommend one which is slightly more than that but I have one and its been a great performer so far without a single issue.


But obviously it would depend on whether your current CPU was ok for Socket 939.

10-06-05, 11:18 AM
Your options are limited with a 754 and PCI-E, perhaps the Epox EP-8NPAJ nForce4? http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/EPOX_Socket_754.html, nice card btw, lush cooler :)

10-06-05, 11:41 AM
I was thinking of getting the Abit NV8 S754 NF4 PCI-E SATA, I have heard some Epox boards are very efficient when overclocking which do you recommend? cheers

10-06-05, 04:46 PM
Hey when you get it, can you post what type of temps you get with that huge cooler? Is it actually cooling the card well?

10-08-05, 04:45 PM
the card came today, i will post benchmarks and cooling temps on monday when my motherboard arrives. I ordered an ABIT NV8 NF4

10-08-05, 05:12 PM
Post pics too, if posible.
That cooler should be efficient.

10-11-05, 01:15 PM
well i built the new system today, i can push the memory to 1400, and the core to 530. i guess the extreme cores are a little better for overclocking and thats with stock cooling, if i had water cooling i could hit 1470+ easily. it idles around 40 odd. top card by the way please with it

10-11-05, 01:20 PM
How loud is it? I have water cooling, and a fan THAT big would seem to defeat the purpose....

10-11-05, 01:48 PM
my leadtek 6800ultra was louder, its quiet. anyway the temps seem to be around 50/65c on load with the high clocks 1350/500, ive also noticed that the IQ in games have improved everything seems more crisper and detailed, might be that im using a newer driver.