View Full Version : Theoretical water-cooling Meltdown! please confirm

10-06-05, 11:37 AM
ok so im moving to watercooling in a few weeks and im wondering how my sytem will hold if theres a pump falure, heres what i think might happen

1.pump dies and splashed system with my non conductive pumpy stuff, with system just sitting there (no games on)
2.gpu and cpu rise fast(6600 gt amd 3400 64 bit)
3. most likely system crash due to high gpu temp first, blue screen
4. windows is frozen but temps still go up
5. this is the big questions, if cpu is set to shut down computer or thermal throttaling at 70*C will it still work if windows is frozen?, cpu throttles down
6. temps climb slower, gpu off the chart
7.gpu blows up or possibly bios cuts power, non conductive stuff runs down psu supply hits wall where it has enough charge to make it conductive, and fuse blows
8. all alarmclocks get reset
9. Your late for work
10, you lose your J O B
11. You wife leaves you taking the baby to go live with the electritian who fixed your power

Sounds about right? right?

Does that look correct

10-06-05, 12:01 PM
I've used a watercooling system for 3 months. If you set it up right (make sure the seals are waterproof, etc) it's perfectly safe. Oh and non-conductive liquids usually don't have good thermal conductivity, so I'd recommend using water. 3M makes this stuff called fleuroinert, but it's hard to get and it's insanely expensive. But like I said, water holds heat very well, and if you set up the system right, it's perfectly safe.

10-06-05, 12:36 PM
im bought that mc somthing -5 that had really good reviews it was 20$ also, this is in a event of a pump failure, they dont last 4 ever, so its Theoretical

10-06-05, 04:39 PM
why would the pump spray stuff all over your computer? If you get swiftech pumps for example, they come with a fan connector that u can plug into your Mobo's CPU fan header. Then in your bios your comp will think it's the cpu fan. You can then set it to turn off pc if the pump isnt running (your bios thinking the fan isnt spinning on top of the heatsink). That should make it a little safer if temps is whats scarring you.

10-06-05, 04:56 PM
good idea thanks