View Full Version : Battlefield 2 VOIP mic sensitivity test not working after 1.03 patch?

10-06-05, 11:39 AM
I just wanted to see if anyone else noticed the same problem as me. Basically with a clean install of battlefield 2 version 1.0 my microphone sensitivity test works when I go to Options>Audio>Start Microphone test. With the original version of the game the green bar moves and everything is fine. The minute I install patch 1.03 then the green bar that shows the mic sensitivity never moves (it never even turns green) and so I can't test my mic from the options menu. I uninstalled battlefield and re-installed it fresh to version 1.0 to verify and yes in version 1.0 the microphone tester option works fine and I rebooted and tried it again and it still worked fine...I then installed the patch and it stopped working again. Good news is that even though the sensitivity tester doesn't seem to work in 1.03 my mic still seems to work fine while playing. It would just be nice to get this fixed. Can anyone else see if they have the same problem?

10-06-05, 11:46 AM
I noticed this too. I think that it still senses it correctly, it just doesn't move the microphone input bar up and down. It's a bit annoying since it makes it a little difficult to tell how loud your microphone is receiving.

10-06-05, 01:48 PM
Yeah i noticed this too but after a few tryies it actually worked for me.