View Full Version : Anyone notice more WTB: 6800/7800 and FS: X800?

10-06-05, 12:58 PM
Perusing through various for sale/trade forums, I've noticed more people trying to offload their R420 hardware and a lot more posts of WTB: NV40/G70 hardware. I mean A LOT MORE. Some of these people aren't even enthusiasts.

I congratulate nVidia on a fine year of complete success in sales and also convincing the general public, not the gaming public, that nVidia hardware is superior.

10-06-05, 01:05 PM
Oops, forgot to preface this boast with my anecdote.

My older brother, who has been out of the 3D loop for about 8 years, bought parts to put an Intel system together. He didn't know about PCI-Express and sought info on which video card would suit his OpenGL purposes (Autocad).

He didn't know about nVidia or ATi. He did some googling and found all sorts of hits on nVidia's superior OpenGL performance. He decided a 6800GT would suit his purposes. Overkill, but he chose nVidia over ATi, not even a gamer.