View Full Version : Big Water or Zalman to cool GTX??

10-07-05, 01:51 AM
Hey, I bought a thermal take big water off someone on these forums and i haven't really used it.
My buddy suggested to me that I should use it cool my GTX, and i thought it would be a great idea only i'm not sure what waterblock would be compatible with the big water kit.
I don't really need to use it on my CPU as i'm fine where its at now, with my load temps never reaching more than 40c.
My GTX is currently clocked at 460/1300 and i would like to get alot more out of it, and i'm wondering if watercooling will help me clock it higher.

Or am I thinking too much, and should I just buy a Zalman VF700cu?
I would either have to buy a Zalman VF700 with OCZ copper ramsinks, or buy a waterblock for the GTX.

What do you guys think? Would i be able to reach higher clocks speeds or will I be limited to basically what my card can handle no matter what my temps are?