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10-07-05, 08:15 AM

i'm looking into upgrading my MX440 to the 6600, but i'm not sure which one to go for. i don't know much about graphics cards, but i've heard the 6600 is pretty rad and relatively cheap. i know the 6600gt is the best, but probably a bit expensive for my poor self atm! just wondering if anyone can tell me the difference between just a 6600 and a 6600V+

i'm checking out a 256mb 6600 and it's like $249 but then there is a 512mb6600V+ for like $170. what's the deal? what is the best one to get? i am looking at spending no more than $300 (AU).

cheers if anyone can help me out...

10-07-05, 08:47 AM
For a video card that has a 128 bit memory controller, it would be unwise to spend extra money on a 256 meg or greater card.

If you can find the Geforce 6600GT AGP 128 meg, go for it.


The 6600 and 6600GT differ by the type of ram, the speed of the ram and the GPU core clock speed.

The 6600 uses DDR, the 6600GT uses GDDR3 ram.

The 6600 ram clocks at 500MHz, the 6600GT ram clocks at 1000MHz.

The 6600 core clocks at 300MHz, the 6600GT core clocks at 500MHz.

Now, it *might* be possible to overclock the core of a 6600 to 500MHz. But the ram will not get to 1000MHz.