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10-07-05, 12:19 PM
I have an AN7266 and a Geforce 6600.

I cannot make the video card work at all unless the nVidia GART driver is not installed. I have tried 3 versions (3.77, 3.34, 4.36) of the GART driver. I only tried installing it with the rest of the drivers from the 5.10 release (ie. I didn't completely uninstall the 5.10 drivers and install all of the old ones, just the older GART driver).

In safe mode I get artifacts all over the place if both the video drivers and the GART driver are installed, I can't even surf the web.

Booting normally, the computer hangs with a black screen if both the video drivers and the GART driver are installed, and seems to work fine if the video driver is installed without the GART driver. If I have no video driver installed with the GART driver installed, I get artifacts the same as if I'm in safe mode with both drivers installed.

So the best combination I've found so far is no GART driver at all, with the current video drivers, except that if I try to play video, the computer almost crashes...CPU goes to 100% and response from the computer takes about 2 minutes after clicking the mouse. I haven't tried anything 3d, but I have to assume it won't work either.

I need a working AGP driver to go with the 6600 on the a7n266, does anyone know where I could find one? Any advice is appreciated.



10-08-05, 01:58 PM
i assuming you mean the via 4-in-1 drivers im pretty sure thats what you should have been useing over any gart driver anyhow.

Otherwise i have no ideal.

10-09-05, 08:04 AM
I might be wrong but isn't the AN7266 a via chipset? They should have their own gart in the 4 in 1's BrownHornet mentioned. The versions you tried are for the nvidia nforce chipset. Different from the forceware driver which is for your videocard alone.