View Full Version : northbridge, whats a good temp?

10-07-05, 09:47 PM
right now i dont have a probe in my northbridge but my system runs at 35*, im moving to water coolign soon and am wondering if i should get a northbrdige block?

when i watercool, system temp should drop anyway, my norhbridge fan runs at 7000rpm+ speed so its it worth it to mess with it?

10-07-05, 10:38 PM
mine runs at like room temp usually.

10-07-05, 11:58 PM
id say yes. on the nforce4 boards it seems to run a little warm, however there is no northbridge on athlon 64 boards, only southbridges ;)

also, if youre not running an athlon 64 board, and you plan on OC'ing, then it has a tendency to run warm.

10-08-05, 01:43 AM
lol ok southbridge then

10-08-05, 11:20 AM
mine tends to go with my CPU temp on air cooling (they tend to be the same temp). i would try to keep it below 55C. thats a number i really dont like my hardware to hit. anyone know what the threshold on these chips are?