View Full Version : ASUS EN7800GT Dual 11K in 3DMK05

10-08-05, 08:33 PM

With a dedicated external power supply kit and 512MB of 1.6ns GDDR3 DRAM, this is going to be quite the board for the enthusiast. Check out the 3DMark05 score of over 11K and overclocking the cores at 489MHz and Memory at 1358MHz. Price? No clue but we'll be getting one of these puppies in for a solid beating, no doubt about it.


10-08-05, 11:48 PM
Not able to SLI 2 together :mad:

10-08-05, 11:51 PM
Is it 512mb or USABLE memory?

Remember with SLI, because it advertises 512mb of ram, it probably is not usable :( Each GPU needs to write to its 256mb framebuffer.

10-09-05, 02:47 AM
It says SLI ready in the box. BTW, I heard this card's gonna cost $1000 and only available in very limited quantities like, like 1000 or 2000 units worldwide.