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12-31-02, 10:44 AM
Will the ALPHA PAL8045U fit on the above mentioned Nforce2 MB? And if it won't what board do you think it will fit on an Epox perhaps?

01-01-03, 08:49 PM
My email from Bart @ www.1coolpc.com

Plenty of room on that board for the Alpha. You should have no problems
there. Thanks.

Please be sure to include all prior text in your reply. We speak to
hundreds of customers per day and need all information in front of us if we
are to help you adequately.

Bart A Lane

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Sent: Sunday, December 22, 2002 10:32 AM
Subject: A7N8X

Will the AlphaPal 8045 fit this motherboard? I am considering it and
wondering if I will be able to use my current cooler.

01-02-03, 03:42 PM
DOH, thanks alot man, really thanks a bunch.

01-02-03, 06:01 PM
No problem, glad to help. if you have any other cooling issues try www.1coolpc.com . I am amazed at their customer service, availability of products and inexpensive shipping. Look at their ratings on www.resellerratings.com. Heck, I only buy online from them and newegg.