View Full Version : Calling all Gigabyte 7800 GTX owners

10-09-05, 12:40 PM
In regards to my 'throttling' post - http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=57702 - I need some back-up. Has anyone here who owns a Gigabyte GTX, particularly in SLI configuration, tried using the BETA BIOS? More importantly, what are your experiences with overclocking your card/s?


10-09-05, 01:19 PM
I dont have sli but I have the new beta bios on. It works fine for me. I cant say I have had any throtteling at all. The only problems I have had with this card is that riva tuners disable internal clock test resticks the cards core clock to 450.

With regards to overclcoking I have got my core to 527 and mem up to 1397.

10-09-05, 02:11 PM
Works for me