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10-09-05, 04:52 PM
Full version of Windows XP Professional x64 edition. Instead of trying the 180 day free version I stupidly just bought the whole thing. It works great, but it doesn't really do anything that I can't do with the standard version of XP Professional I already have. What I have for sale has been activated once but never registered. When you get the activation screen, you can call MS and they should be able to give you a code to activate. I've had to do this with my copies of XP-32 when I've made major hardware upgrades and never had any issues with MS. Asking $75 shipped.

Heatware and eBay are both under saturnotaku. Please PM if interested or if you have any questions. Thanks.

10-09-05, 05:16 PM
Usually you can activate it ~10 times before you have to call, so that shouldn't be a prob. I've installed my 64-bit twice so far here. Nothing went wrong and it's running good, but I just wanted a fresh install after I got my second drive and repartitioned.

I'd buy that ram for the second box, but I'm short on cash for a while :(

Somebody buy it so I don't have to be tortured, heh.

10-09-05, 08:53 PM
Well, the RAM isn't for sale any more as this OCZ stuff that I've been trying to run is defective. Just tried to run a burn in with memtest86 and the modules failed within 20 minutes. And trying a clean install of Windows results in a BSOD upon first boot.

I'm going to try and return them, but for now, these Infineon sticks will have to do. :(

10-11-05, 07:54 AM
Bump to reflect price drop.

10-11-05, 08:02 AM
Well, the RAM isn't for sale any more as this OCZ stuff that I've been trying to run is defective.Curious. Did you get it from newegg?

10-11-05, 08:07 AM
Curious. Did you get it from newegg?

Monarch, actually. I'm hoping to get the RMA number today.

10-11-05, 08:32 AM
Cool just wondering. I've had some bad luck ordering OCZ from newegg which is why I asked.

10-12-05, 08:16 AM
Price lowered to $85 shipped. And to comply with the OEM license, the OS will ship with a hardware item of my choice. ;)

10-12-05, 11:55 AM
Ohhh, I like surprises!

10-13-05, 10:55 AM
Price lowered once again.