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10-10-05, 07:18 AM
I am aware that Far Cry does not currently support SLI (performance-wise). But, with specs below, in the dense jungle areas of the outdoor maps (like Training, Treehouse etc) with plently of foliage poly count, my FPS can drop to as low as 15-20 FPS :eek: . Whereas with a single GTX the lowest it'll drop to is around 30 (been a while since I used a single GTX in Far Cry, can't remember exactly). SLI rendering mode (global settings) is set to 'Auto'. It seems the only way to get decent performance in Far Cry is to remove the secondary card from the system...

Any thoughts welcome.

10-10-05, 07:23 AM
Do you have transparancy AA enabled? This will cause the frame rate drops in the jungle. I have great sucess with farcry and SLI. The proper setting is SFR. Try restoring the profile to its default settings.

10-10-05, 07:32 AM
I don't use a profile tool like nHancer, thus I can't create individual SLI profiles for different apps. But I'll give SFR a shot nevertheless...

10-10-05, 06:13 PM
Bumped. Tried out SFR, same story.

Tried the 81.84 BETA drivers, same performance. On a side note, the 3DMark05 actually was around 700 points less than with 78.01 using the same quality settings...

Opinions & experiences needed.

10-10-05, 06:51 PM
There's someone here that found a good SLI mode so if you search, you may be able to find it. It didn't really help me all that much but I did find a mode that seemed to help some. I haven't done that again since the 81.84s. The default SLI definition actually seems to hurt performance although for me, not to the extent that you're seeing.

Actually, I had saved the value the guy was recommending. Here it is if you want to give his a shot: 6c84801

10-10-05, 07:47 PM

*puts on n00b hat and looks kinda stupid/embarassed* OK, what do I do with this number lol?

EDIT: Presumably this is a registry entry, but I've never tinckered with Windows registry before, you see...