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10-12-05, 11:22 AM

Holy crap! I've been waiting for a new Shadowrun game since completing the first 2 (SNES game from 1993, Genesis game from 1994... both totaly different games). It says its going to be a first person shooter, so I doubt itl be even remotely similar to the originals, but still, the Shadowrun atmosphere is sweet... I hope it turns out good!

Ive known about MS purchasing the rights to FASA (mechwarrior and shadowrun) computer games for a while, but this is the first news I have heard of them actually making a shadowrun game. Its a shame it probably wont be released for PC, but if this turns out good, it might be one reason for me to actually buy a console again... scary stuff :eek:

10-12-05, 12:30 PM
Hmm, It will probably be based off the Genesis version since FASA has only rights to it (Blue Sky developed it), The SNES version is owned by Data East (developed by Beam Software).

Im very interested in how this will turn out, Its basically Deus Ex but a more open world (hopefully that will be translated into the FPS version). The SNES version was just awsome.

10-12-05, 01:23 PM
Well the thing is, since its a pen and paper RPG at heart it can be about anything, it doesnt have to be a true sequel to either of the originals.

Id love a continuation of the SNES version's story but I doubt itl happen.

Mr. Hunt
10-12-05, 03:56 PM
I want a remake of the SNES version... but since that won't happen... I don't care ;).

10-12-05, 07:41 PM
I want a remake of the SNES version... but since that won't happen... I don't care ;).
Yeah, I've been wanting a remake\sequel for over 10 years now. That was just such an amazing game... I still play it at least once a year on ZSNES emulator. I remember all of the characters like they were actors in a movie (the great character art and memorable dialog really made this happen) and the story was just great. The adventure elements of the game (finding useful items, solving puzzles, finding the right phone numbers and asking the right questions) really made the game a lot deeper than most games. The fighting was awesome as well although it would be great to use a mouse and keyboard (control the crosshair with the mouse and use they keyboard to move at the same time) rather than having to either move or shoot. The RPG elements werent quite as deep in this game since you pretty much always just wanted to raise every skill and buy the most expensive items... and from what I have read, they broke a lot of the Shadowrun rules in this game (as far as cyberware being installed and still having extensive magical abilities). Still, this game is probably my favorite game of all time... though the more games I play, the more games get stacked right with it ;)

The genesis version was also an amazing game, but for a different reason. It played more like a traditional PC RPG set in the future because it was open ended and had extensive weapons and skills yet its action element was awesome as well. I still dont think anything has come close to it in that respect (most games like this use the D&D rules, which IMO kills a lot of the fun-factor for the sake of using a recognized battle system).
I dont even need to bring up the Matrix\Cyberspace for this game... it was 1000x more interesting and open ended than the one in the SNES version, but it was also more tedious. Overall this one has a lot more to do, but it doesnt have the same atmosphere or that personal "adventure game" feeling of the first one.

I think 2 games need to be made honestly... I true sequel to the SNES version and an open-ended one with all the rules and options of the Genesis one. I like the first person perspective thing too... I dont think a non-fps-style one would hold my attention as long. And I *KNOW* its possible to have good adventure-game elements in an FPS. Realms of the Haunting is a perfect example of how this should be done.

10-12-05, 10:02 PM
kinda ot, but, i wouldnt mind a remake of the snes game u.n. squadron :D