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10-15-05, 12:17 PM
Anyone got these parts for sale?

Motherboard with 64bit AMD processor 3200+ or better
A "good" graphics card that'll be able to play Quake 4 on a decent resolution at decent settings
A case with a good cooling system

If someone can get those to me all together that'd be wonderful. Please post what you have with prices. Thanks.

10-15-05, 01:58 PM
Hmm, I've got some parts you might be interested in. Check out this thread to see them. Clicky Here (http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=58208)

10-15-05, 02:50 PM
PM sent

10-15-05, 02:54 PM
I'd like to spend less than 600 dollars on it all. I feel like this should be possible considering I don't need a monitor, hard drive, or any media drives (CD, dvd, etc.)

10-15-05, 03:05 PM
i've been seriously thinking about selling mine... while it's not 64bit, it's a heck of a nice gaming system still.

it's got a koolance exos water cooling system, with 4 waterblocks, including one for my 6800gt. the case is a color shifting thermaltake xaser III. it has a dfi lan party ultrab motherboard, with a mobile xp2600 proc @ 250x9.5 (1:1 divider, running the ram at the complete 250mhz), 1gb (2x512) pc3500 geil ram, i forgot the timings -- if important i'll go find them, but it's somewhere around 2.5-7-7-11 if i recall correctly (and i probably don't).

it has a audigy 2 zs sound card in it, and a 200gb hard drive. has a benq 16x dual layer dvd burner, and has a logitech laptop style (flat keys) keyboard along with a logitech mx510 mouse, and a razer diamondback. has an icemat performance glass gaming surface. has a winfast pvr2000 tv tuner card, and logitech z640 5.1 speakers. it has a geforce 6800gt, as mentioned earlier, water cooled. it's clocked at the default frequencies (i wont lie, it doesn't overclock all that great, but i really don't care about current games anyway). it has a floppy drive like many computers, and a rt2500 chipset wireless lan card, with a 5db boosted antenna. it has a 530w fortron blue storm sleeved power supply unit, with dual 12v rails.

i guess that's about it. name your price, you can take all of it or some of it. i may or may not be willing to sell, cuz i'm not sure yet.

i will trade straight up for a nice DSLR camera with some good glass. (looking for a sigma 500mm in particular, and one with about a 50-400mm, also a good canon IS macro lens would be preferred).

anyway, let me know.

10-15-05, 03:38 PM
Thanks so much for everyone's interest. I'll be PMing folks (if I haven't already) with any offers or counter-offers. Thanks again, and keep the system specs coming!

10-15-05, 04:22 PM
does a 5200FX count as 'good' ? :rolleyes:

10-15-05, 05:14 PM
Well, I'm more interested in buying things that are all together, not just a graphics card.

10-15-05, 06:29 PM
Well, I'm more interested in buying things that are all together, not just a graphics card.
That card blows anyway. ;)

10-16-05, 12:38 AM
theehe i know :P

ill sell u my 5200FX 128mb and 1gig dual channel DDR333 RAM, both 9 months $90 :angel: hm i may be selling my intel processor in these next couple months

10-18-05, 03:59 PM
I'll be selling my rig that's in my sig currently. If that interests you.

10-18-05, 09:03 PM
How much, toxik?

10-18-05, 09:49 PM
Well for 600 like you wanted, I was only going to sell the vid card and ram off of it. The AMD and mobo is 754pin. The rig itself runs everything awesome, the vid card is highly overclockable, and unlockable... It's definetely the best AGP 6800NU out there.

10-19-05, 06:41 AM
K, I sent a few more PMs out. Thanks for everyone's interest.