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01-01-03, 07:36 PM
I have been doing some reconsidering on my new motherboard. Because the one I have is shot. (You Probably seen it in my other post) I was looking at MSI KT3 Ultra - C. I was looking at the price of two mobo.

They are:

SOYO SY-KT333 DRAGON Lite - $ 71 w/o shipping


MSI K7N415 Pro - $69 w/o shipping

01-01-03, 08:27 PM
Have you considered this option?

Leadtek nForce2 (http://www.leadtek.com/motherboards/nforce2/k7ncr18d/k7ncr18d.htm)

Newegg has this board for $95 with free shipping

Just an option...but worth the extra dough in my opinion...


01-01-03, 09:45 PM
Will a AMD ATHLON XP 1600+ work with it? Also I find one cheap than that. It is the same LeadTek One but it is 93.75 w/ free shipping.

01-01-03, 09:48 PM
it'll work with all athlon xp's. and if you need to upgrade down the line, the option for a athlon xp with 333 fsb is there.

01-01-03, 09:51 PM
But that would be the same way with the SOYO KT-333 Dragon Lite. Would it?

The Baron
01-01-03, 10:00 PM
the nForce 2 is the way to go... trust Pelly on this one.

01-01-03, 10:02 PM
Ok you guy convince me into buying the NForce 2 motherboard.

01-01-03, 10:21 PM

I have ASUStek A7V8X Ultra so gooooooooooood!!!

I can change any multiplier from lowerest to higherest multiplier value.

I have AthlonXP 2400+ 13.5x166(333MHz DDR) 2.25GHz at the moment, me gonna try more later.

I have 2 sticks or KingMax 256MB DDR333 DDR RAM [512MB]

The Baron
01-01-03, 10:55 PM
V8X is fine, but N8X is better in the long run. KT400 is still kinda buggy.

And Holy Crap, SMILEYS! :D

01-02-03, 04:30 AM
wat?! I have no problems with A7V8X Ultra.

Maybe u got faulty ones.

The Baron
01-02-03, 11:04 AM
It just comes down to that the nForce 2 is a better chipset than the KT400...

01-02-03, 08:23 PM
Well I am trying to find a good motherboard with good performance and good price that is not under $100