View Full Version : Transparent AA and OpenGL games

10-18-05, 04:55 AM
The only OpenGL games that I have installed currently are all Quake 3 engine games, but in all 3 of them; Quake 3, Star Trek Elite Force, and Call of Duty, transparent AA both multisampling and supersampling seems to do nothing. The only way I can get the alpha textures AA'ed is through 8XS. I'm not sure but transparent AA might have worked on the 7800 launch drivers but I can't remember 100%. So does Transparent AA work in OpenGL for you? I recommend testing using Quake 3 on the Q3Tourney2 map and walk to where the thumbnail for the map was taken, there is clearly no transparent AA going on there or anywhere else in Quake 3 engine games.

10-18-05, 05:01 AM
I remember reading about this before. You're not the only one with this problem.