View Full Version : Can't use horizontal span with 85 hz

10-18-05, 12:50 PM
Hello! I used ot do horizontal span with my 6800 Ultra since i have 2 CRTs here that can handle the resolution at 85 hz. It allways worked like a charm.
Now i upgraded to a 7800 GTX and i can't get it to work. It allways goes to 68hz once i set it. Using 81.84 driver btw.

Any fix for this?

10-19-05, 02:27 PM
yep its true
i cant use spanning on a 6800GT on either of the official 80.** series drivers.

a bummer cause im now running a 3800 dualcore.

who knows there might be a fix for this:confused:

10-20-05, 02:09 AM
Damn that's one horrible bug there!
Fear isn't freezing with 81.85 anymore(i patched it to 1.01 same time tho) but i really really need dual display to play eve online and playing at 68 hz is n option. Do i have to go back to the older 78.xx only for that.
Beta drivers sure do suck it seems. :(
78.01 and it works like a charm. Thanks.