View Full Version : OK damnit, is there timedemo 1 map demo1.dm2 or what??

10-18-05, 11:03 PM
Where are the benchmarks!!! Help a guy with a Centrino laptop whose PC got destroyed by a contractor!

10-19-05, 12:05 PM
open the .pk3's in winzip or winrar and look for the /demos folder

10-19-05, 12:06 PM
I'm without a gaming PC at the moment, I was curious why no one else has ran any!

10-19-05, 12:11 PM
i'll look around tonite, i didn't have enough time yesterday to get into it

10-25-05, 12:16 PM
Nope there doesn't seem to be one. I've been looking around and cant find anything.

Anyone got a nice timedemo recorded?

10-25-05, 12:20 PM
Anyone got a nice timedemo recorded?

Yeah me too please . i prefer it to include some intense action in a GPU demanding areas :D

10-25-05, 02:25 PM
I'd like a good one too. Where is Reverend when u need him?

10-25-05, 03:51 PM

10-25-05, 04:36 PM
Anyone got a nice timedemo recorded? I made the following post in the Quake 4 thread a few minutes ago...

I've got some bad news to report, which Viperlair also mentions in their tweak guide.


...it would appear that recording your own demo's and timedemoing them is useless, since it often drops shadows and lighting during playback.

I also noticed that weapon effects are not appearing.

I recorded a brief demo at the beginning of the game and discovered that timedemo performance was much higher than actual gameplay performance.

I wonder if any authors of the recent Quake 4 benchmarking articles experienced the same problem?

10-25-05, 04:48 PM
This looks interesting...

Load up a map and move to the area that is causing you FPS problems. Open the console and type benchmark

NOTE: If you are testing a multiplayer map you must type net_allowCheats "1" at the console.

After a delay of a few seconds you will be presented with a breakdown of FPS with various game options enabled / disabled. Use this information to help you tweak FPS.

kpix shows the benefit of reducing screen size / resolution
no Diffuse shows the benefit of disabling diffuse lighting
no Bump shows the benefit of disabling bump mapping
no Specular shows the benefit of disabling specular lighting
Driver overhead, if this is high it may point to a driver issue

10-25-05, 07:20 PM
I did run a few Quake 4 test with my own demo - yeah it's true, there are no shadows in the demo or timedemo mode. After running a built-in timedemo I got a result like this ....

timedemo demo1 = 92fps with shadows (r_shadows "1")
timedemo demo1 = 95fps without shadows (r_shadows "0")

Then I played and measured the same scene with fraps ....

fraps = 75fps with shadows (r_shadows "1" + com_fixedtic "1")
fraps = 92fps without shadows (r_shadows "0" + com_fixedtic "1")

imo, Quake 4 timedemo is borked! How about that?

10-26-05, 12:57 AM
Just a thought - I would post this question myself, but as I've not actually experimented with it, I don't know the specifics. Does someone who has actually seen the problem want to post it in Activision's support area for Quake 4 (https://activision.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/activision.cfg/php/enduser/std_alp.php?p_sid=3OzNqZSh&p_sp=cF9zcmNoPTEmcF9zb3J0X2J5PWRmbHQ8YnI_JnBfZ3JpZ HNvcnQ9JnBfcm93X2NudD03OCZwX3Byb2RzPTEsNDQ2JnBfY2F 0cz0mcF9wdj0yLjQ0NiZwX2N2PSZwX3NlYXJjaF90eXBlPWFuc 3dlcnMuc2VhcmNoX25sJnBfcGFnZT00&p_srch=1)? They seem to be pretty prompt in terms of answering questions.