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10-19-05, 07:45 AM
Hi Guys,

I am in desperate need of some help & advice because this is now driving me mad!

System Spec:

CPU: Intel 2.8Ghz (hyper-threaded)
Corsair 1GB RAM (2 512 sticks)
Mobo: Asus p4p800-e Deluxe
Gfx: Nvidia FX5600XT 256mb
HD: Maxtor 160 GB
ROM's: 1 x DVD RW (LG) 8x Drive | 1 x CD RW Drive 52x24x52)
PSU: 450 Watts

Recently my PC decided it didnt like me launching some games. One in particular which I have been playing for ages is GTA3. Until a few months ago when I double clicked the .exe the game would look as if it would load and a .dos window would appear indicating that the game was about to launch up. Just before it goes to full screen my PC hangs for 2 - 3 seconds and then reboots :confused: :confused:

Which is completely unreasonable seeing as my system has managed fine with this game.

The really strange thing is that my PC will launch: America's Army & Il2 Forgotten Battles (Pacific Fighters) no problems. When I exit AA 80% of the time again my PC hangs for 2 - 3 seconds and then reboots (which as you can imagine is very frustrating). Othertimes it will exit AA ok.

While playing Il2 everything is absolutely fine entering and exiting. However I accidently hit the "windows key" while playing the other day. System went to go back to desktop hung and then rebooted??!! (have now stuck an upside down drawing pin on that key)

The most recent games I am getting the reboot issue with are:
Battlefield 2
Black & White 2

I have not reached past the initial splash screen on both these games! Brand New and I cannot play! :mad:

Today I tried to launch Black & White 2 once more and to my surprise I actually received a Stop Code blue screen to which I havent before error is as follows:

0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0x00000162, 0xB8C17CC8, 0x00000000)

Admittedly I am a newb at this sort of thing and wondered if I had something wrong in the bios?

I have had a look in my bios settings and earlier this afternoon updated to the latest version from Asus however this made no difference.

Options marked with * can be altered:

CPU Configuration

Manufacturer: Intel
Brand String: Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 CPU 2.80GHZ
Frequency: 2800MHZ
FSB Speed: 533Mhz

Cache L1 : 8kb
Cache L2: 512kb
Cache L3: 0kb

Ratio Status: Locked
Ratio Actual Value: 21

* VID CMOS Setting: 62
* MAX CPUID Value Limit : Disabled
* CPU Internal Thermal Control : Auto

Advanced --> Chipset

* Configure DRAM timing by SPD : Enabled
* Memory Acceleration mode: Auto
* DRAM Idle Timer: Auto
* DRAM Refresh Rate: Auto

* Graphics Adapter Priority: AGP/PCI
* Graphics Aperture Size: 64mb
* Spread Spectrum: Enabled
* ICH Delayed Transaction: Enabled
* MPS Revision: 1.1

Sorry for the long windedness of my post, I really am stuck. Anyone any ideas??

Any help would b greatly appreciated!


10-19-05, 08:57 AM
Check the fan(s) in the Power Supply. I had problems similar to this before, and it was my power supply overheating. If your fans work properly, consider checking that all the voltages are sufficent.

10-19-05, 09:04 AM
Hiya Rewt

Thanks for the reply buddy. Unfortunately I was thinking along the same lines as you 2 days ago as I did have a 300W PSU in my system which as you well know is below minimum recommended nowadays.

So yesterday I took it upon myself to buy a new PSU which is the one that I put in my Spec in my previous posting: 450 Watts but I am still experiencing the same problem. The fans are working fine and being read by my motherboard utilities.

I have just run memtest for my RAM.

My RAM had 100% pass rate from all 8 tests. However I only ran the process once. I dont know if this makes any difference but any way no errors were found.

Is there a possibility that my Bios is set wrong for the RAM or Nvidia GFX Card which would trigger this issue? I was advised by a friend that it maybe the graphics card :S

I have just tried to launch black & white 2 again only to receive a slightly different stop code:

0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0x00000162, 0xB8C62CC8, 0x00000000)

10-19-05, 09:18 AM
I don't think it is a RAM error, but its certainly possible. In the BIOS you could try setting the RAM timings manually to spec.

Perhaps it could also be a driver or IRQ error. Do you have all the latest certified (WHQL) drivers installed for your audio/chipset/graphics/etc.? Have you added any new hardware (i.e. PCI cards) to the system that could be causing issues with IRQs?

The stop error, does it also show a symbolic name for the error such as;

*** STOP: 0x0000000A (0x00000000, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 8038c510)

IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL*** Address 8038c510 has base at 8038c000 - Ntfs.sys

10-19-05, 09:24 AM
Perhaps it is a driver or IRQ error. Do you have all the latest certified (WHQL) drivers installed for your audio/chipset/graphics/etc.? Also, have you added any new hardware (i.e. PCI cards) to the system that could be causing issues with IRQs?

Hiya, Thanks again for the reply. I have the latest drivers from Asus MB and driver: from Nvidia.
I have tried uninstalling the gfx card completely, removing it from the case and then reinserting and reinstalling with the fresh latest driver only to reach the same dead end.

As I said I am a bit of a newb at this kinda thing and wondered if you could enhance on what you mean by IRQ's ?

I have no added any new internal hardware to my system. However I have over a dozen USB devices connected etc. I don't know if that will make a difference?

10-19-05, 09:28 AM
IRQ stands for Interrupt ReQuest. Each device in the PC will have an IRQ number which is basically a priority to interrupt the CPU. Sometimes when two devices share the same IRQ number problems will arise. In fact I had an issue recently with my own PC where this occured. The thing is, it would give me a blue screen of death with IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL message. Are you getting this message?

10-19-05, 09:46 AM
Ah i see what you're saying.

How do i find whether 2 devices have the same IRQ number?

The stop codes I received didnt have any IRQ wording as such it just said at the bottom:

"Beginning Dump of physical memory.
Physical memory dump completed"

:S which doesnt mean anything to me. My virtual memory I am getting the PC to handle that rather than setting values. Currently allocated is: 1534MB. Should I have a custom size. (I dont know if this is at all related) I am just guessing now :(

10-19-05, 11:21 AM
Well there are a lot of times where devices can share IRQs without issue. But sometimes it causes problems for devices such as network cards and graphics cards. There are a few ways you can see what devices are using which IRQs. Here are a couple that I remember right off hand..

1.) Start > Run > msinfo32 > + Hardware Resources > IRQs

2.) Control Panel > System > Device Manager > View > Resources By Connection > + Interrupt Request (IRQ)

10-19-05, 12:31 PM
Hiya Rewt,

Well this brought up something interesting, would you mind taking a look and let me know what you think. I found it strange that my gfx card happened to be sharing with 2 other devices:


10-19-05, 05:36 PM
jasper1106: Try turning hyper threading off in the bios and see if it helps.

Ive got a similar problem when i try connecting to the internet when ht is turned on my system will sometimes restart with the:


When i turn ht off it never does it. you have to be carefull though as turning ht off can cause other games to not run properly like steam (counter strike source) in my case :confused:

rewt: Im gonna try assigning irq's myself to see if it works. ive never been told it could be that so thanks for the tip :thumbsup:

10-20-05, 04:30 AM
Hey Mondy

Thanks for the suggestion about the HT. I disabled it in the bios however my Pc still rebooted when trying to launch particular games. Also my CPU seemed to run 10'oC hotter than with HT enabled.


10-20-05, 05:10 AM
Im no expert but i was so sure that would work :( You definitly turned it off in the bios not in device manager or something??

I wouldnt worry about your graphics card sharing with two other devices. mine is the same so i dont think its that causing the problem.

It could be you graphics card fan. try blowing the dust out with an air can as it might be causing the card to overheat. i clean mine regular :)

let me know:thumbsup: