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10-19-05, 05:13 PM
Hi People,
Just wanted to share the settings I'm playing with, in case yo do it differently or have ideas on how to improve the quality - I hated D3 so I didn't bother playoing or learning any of the related tweaks.

My System:
A64 +3000 (Venice)
1GB DDR400
6800GT @ Ultra

I'm playing at 1024x768
High quality
4 AA (set within the game)
8AF (set in drivers - 78.01)
V-synch (and triple buffering)

the game runs very well, most of the time around 60 FPS, with occasionally diping to the 40's. However some of the textures look washed...

How are you playing this?

10-19-05, 05:39 PM
currently i am using the similar system as u do.

my spec

P4c 2.6@3.4Ghz
1G Kingston HyperX @433mhz
Gfx6800Gtx 420/1100

I am playing at 1280x1024
High Quality

mostly 60fps indoor, some outdoor explosion drop my framerates to 30s or 40s. WHich isnt that bad at all.

10-19-05, 05:41 PM
the doom 3 engine does rock on nvidia cards. I have yet to get this game .. but if its very close to doom 3 ... then youy can run everything on full on a 6800GT and it will run very smooth :)

10-20-05, 07:42 PM
p4 3.2 @220FSB=3.51, 2GB DDR400 (@440), 6800GT@400/1100
running 1600x1200 4xAA, "high quality" = automatically uses 8xAF (I read here).
Mostly around 30FPS. 60FPS in places. Min is around 27FPs
All graphics settings "on"; "high quality" in driver; no openal (that hurts)
not bad for single player

10-20-05, 08:33 PM
Are there any specific D3 engine twaeks that we can use here?
I really didn't like D3 (returned it after a day) so I skipped on the whole tweaking bit...

10-21-05, 01:26 AM
Try this guide for doom3, since Q4 runs on the D3 engine its similar so try the setups for whatever amount of memory your videocard has.