View Full Version : 7800GT/GTX best drivers currently availible?

10-19-05, 11:38 PM
just out of curiosity whats the best drivers for benchmarking. im using xtreme-g 78.03 and im getting 86xx [3DM2005], and 17800[3DM2003], i see theres 81.84 and 81.85 drivers availible now would any users like to comment on the performance and IQ in games and what noteable differences i will see from 78.03 drivers.

i ran benchmarks 510/1340 i have also heard 78.03 arnt very good for benchmarking is that true? that c ould explai lower 3dmark scores. im reluctant to change drivers because the IQ looks so good i dont want to lose it.

worth me switching to newer ones? thanks
whats the benchamrks numbers like i would like people to give mea general idea

10-19-05, 11:50 PM
81.85s are my favorite so far. If you have a dual-core CPU, 81.84/81.85 can give you a pretty good boost in some games and benchmarks. These are also great for SLI users. With the 81.84/81.85s, my 3DMark05 score jumped over a 1000+ points and Doom 3 jumped up about 10 fps. If you check the driver threads for 81.84/81.85 (especially the thread on 81.84), you'll find more benchmark results. In general, the driver threads give you the type of information you're asking for. People usually install the latest, run a few benchmarks and report the results. A lot of times they also mention how they perform against the official drivers (in this case 78.xx). The 81.84s added a lot of the nice enhancements but they had a few annoying bugs. The 81.85s have resolved a lot of the issues and still have all the nice features the 81.84s introduced.

They're beta drivers though so use at your own risk.

10-20-05, 02:09 AM
In light of the fact Fear is my current top game, I simply have to use the 81.85s in light of the issues they are suppose to resolve. I've managed to XG mod mine myself so i'll have to wait and see how that pans out.