View Full Version : Unable to run every driver after 81.33

10-20-05, 05:01 PM
I'm getting nuts by a problem which I have with any driver after fw 81.33.

My desktop gets complety unreadable and filled with artifacts/lines allover the place after a few seconds.

When I install a new driver I fist uninstall everything with add/remove software, then I do a reboot and clean the last entrys with drivercleaner in safe mode.

After this I reboot again and install the new driver. After this I can run everything with no problem at all, but after I reboot again, this problem kicks in after a few seconds and the system hangs (even in 2d)

System is as the sig below, I don't know what to do anymore, but if this problem stays, it's end of NV for me.

I'm thinking it has something to do with my monitor, but what?