View Full Version : Cant hear distant and certain sounds with my X-Fi. Help plz.

10-22-05, 12:58 AM
I finally got my X-Fi extream music and I thought it would be a big difference and it is but I have a problem in the fact that I cant hear some of the sounds very loud like I did with my Audigy 2 and Realtek onboard.

Take this pic for example, with my A2 and onboard I would be able to hear everything going on around me. There is a fire fight on that bridge and artillery dropping a few yards over but its not loud and if your back was turned you would never know what was going on while all the sound just in front of me is very clear and loud. There just doesnt seem to be a commotion of sounds in every direction like I felt with the A2 and onboard sound. EAX with my Realtek was amazing because I could every every damn thing including the flag flapping in the wind. Now I cant hear the fire burning in Karkland or gunfire it off metal.

BF2 sound options are on max, the X-Fi is in game mode, I have went through every setting on and off and nothing seems to bring in distant sounds very defined like before. All the speakers are working from doing tests. And its not only BF2. In GTA:SA I could hear the tires on the pavement and wind speed while on a bike but now I can hardly hear any of that. It's very weird because BF2 seems very muted which is not suppose to be the case.

I just cant stand all the tinkering you have to now do. :mad: Anyone else having this issue or any help on this please?

10-22-05, 03:10 AM
Did you try turning on SVM?

SVM does exactly that, softer noises are louder to even out with the rest.

10-23-05, 12:21 AM
Thanks for your input Jakup and Yes, but SVM seems to mute things further, especially my gun which doesnt even make my sub hum. I cant hear little sounds I once could with my onboard Realtek which is odd but I guess this is just how the card is.:(

10-23-05, 02:32 AM
Just for the heck of it to throw it out there cause I've actually forgotten to do this a couple times...
In control panel->sounds and audio->advanced speaker settings, do you have it set to 5.1?

Don't get me wrong with this either, heh. I'm not saying you're not smart enough to have checked that allready or anything, just that silly things happen. Sometimes my settings get kicked down to just surround or headphones.

10-23-05, 11:35 AM
Yep it's on 5.1. Everything seems to be working great directionaly from all speakers but its the subtle sounds that are not prounoced as before. I cant hear distant fighting and explosions, crackling fire I once could hear from the burning building in Strike at Karkand, etc.

I was told this by a member on [H],

The 'problem' most people site with the Realtek onboard solutions is that their "depth" is off in 3d games...everything sounds like it's right up next to you, regardless of how far away it is.

I guess that is the problem and the X-Fi produces what you should hear from a distance more accurately but even so I feel my onboard Realtek immersed me more even though the X-Fi was cleaner and tighter. Out with the X-Fi and its mess of switching between modes and back to enabling my onboard.:cool: