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10-22-05, 03:35 AM
i have a msi k8t neo mobo, just tried a maxtor 250 hdd and it wont boot woth that drive plugged in? i got the big drive patch from maxtor, any ideas as to y it wont boot, does it need to be jumpred, or formatted, if so how do i formatt it when icant boot with it onboard?

10-22-05, 03:39 AM
Is it SATA or IDE?
Do you have any other drives, and if so, what kind and how is everything connected/configured? (primary, secondary, master, slave, etc.)

If you allready have a harddrive that you want to continue to boot from then set the jumpers on the new drive to Slave and make sure the jumpers on your original drive are set to Master. There's a sticker on the drives themselves that should show you where to put the jumpers.

10-22-05, 03:45 AM
its a ide set up, have 2 80gb drives in already, have one 80gb as master the rest jumperless, there just connected to ide slots as a regular set up

10-22-05, 03:50 AM
Ok. So you have it set up like this?...

80gb Master and 80gb slave on primary connection. (One cable)
CD drive and 250gb drive on secondary?

10-22-05, 03:52 AM
yep thats it

10-22-05, 03:55 AM
Allrighty. Make sure your CD drive jumpers are set to master then and connect it to the master (end) connection on the cable. Then set the 250gb drive jumpers to slave and connect it to the slave (middle) connection on the cable.

If you power up and can get into the bios, check in there to make sure the drives are showing up just like how you configured them. That should work for you.

10-22-05, 06:04 AM
ok sorted now, had to tell pc it was really a 127gb hdd to install it, thanxs:)