View Full Version : BFG GeForce 6800 Ultra. Artifacts make me cry.

10-22-05, 07:37 PM
Okay, time for a little background info. A while ago I posted in this thread (http://nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=55893) about my card hitting 90C.

Well, I sent the card in, and got a card back. (no solid info on whether it is my old one, refurbished, or new.)

Since then I've had some other issues that have kept me from being able to test it, but now I have.

Before I continue, let me tell you about the kind of cooling my system has on it. I have water cooling for my CPU and Northbridge, two fans on the front of my case, one in the back, two on the top, two in the power supply, and four on the side. I added the side fans while the card was being serviced so I could hopefully prevent having issues again.

Well, I decided to try two games I've been dying to play, and found that I have artifacts and broken models that create spikes everywhere.

Here are some screenshots.

http://img26.paintedover.com/uploads/thumbs/26/fear01.jpg (http://paintedover.com/uploads/show.php?loc=26&f=fear01.jpg)
http://img26.paintedover.com/uploads/thumbs/26/fear02.jpg (http://paintedover.com/uploads/show.php?loc=26&f=fear02.jpg)
http://img26.paintedover.com/uploads/thumbs/26/fear03.jpg (http://paintedover.com/uploads/show.php?loc=26&f=fear03.jpg)

Black and White 2

http://img26.paintedover.com/uploads/thumbs/26/bnw01.jpg (http://paintedover.com/uploads/show.php?loc=26&f=bnw01.jpg)

These issues occur reguardless of what ForceWare version I'm using.

What should I do about this. Thanks.

10-22-05, 08:06 PM
make sure your oc is not too high. either that, or your card may be faulty. wish i could help you out more, but there should be more replies.

good luck with your problem

10-22-05, 09:10 PM
Its not OC'd (except for what the manufacturer put it at)

Sir Random
10-22-05, 09:11 PM
It looks like the gfx ram is faulty. You'll probably have to return it again :(

Try underclocking the ram to 1000 or 900 and see if that fixes it. If so, the ram is faulty.

10-22-05, 09:19 PM
Make sure the video card heatsink is clean inside... I had a horrible dust clog in mine last spring and it ruined my overclock and gave me artifacts like that.

Not sure exactly what you have to do with that card to clean it out, but mine has some little screws around the edge of the heatsink and when you remove them you can slide the cover off of the sink and then clean out the fins.

10-22-05, 09:39 PM
Sir Random: I lowered the RAM clock and that cuts the amout of stuff going wrong by half, same with lowering the core clock.

CaptNKILL: I sent in the card and I'm not sure but I think it was either new or refurbished, because it was spotless, not a speck of dust on it.

Thanks for helping. :)

10-23-05, 04:18 AM
Had similar issues all the time with my BFG. In the end i found it was the AGP port. It is not frequency locked so when i overclocked the CPU (fsb), i pushed it to far. Since removing the overclock everything is peachy. mine is an old system and i cannot even boost the AGP volts to 1.6v that BFG support sometimes recommend.:thumbdwn:
Waiting for the ASRock Dual SATA2 board to be sorted with 6800 AGP cards before i upgrade.

10-23-05, 04:32 AM
If you send it back again, just remember to copy down the serial number on the sticker. That way you'll know if you get a new one or the same card.

10-23-05, 05:19 AM
Delbert: I have the frequencies locked on my PCI and AGP busses, with the overclock I have, if I didn't lock them, my SATA drives would be none too happy.

I also thought putting the AGP at 1.6v might help if it was a power issue, but I tried it, and no dice :(

It looks to me that the general feeling here is to send it back to BFG again.

I posted a thread like this on bfggaming.com's forums so I could get some opinions there too, I'll wait for a few more posts since people are coming up with different things to try here, and who knows, I might get lucky and just get it fixed without losing my system for a week or two :)