View Full Version : how can i minimize back to windows?

10-23-05, 12:39 AM
how do i minimize my q4 and return to windows

10-23-05, 07:05 AM

10-23-05, 08:25 AM
U can, but its buggy.. open another program in background be4 u launch q4.. then press alt tab to switch to that program. My screen was all messed up after i did that and never could get to the alt tabbed program. (resolution problem). But i think it will work for u.

10-23-05, 10:37 AM
Works like a charm in some games, others hate it. Although watch you dont alt+tab while playing, some strogg might just blow you to tiny pecies.

10-23-05, 01:45 PM
this typicaly is not supported in iD opengl games. instead.. you can do,

r_fullscreen 0

10-24-05, 05:58 AM
ctrl+alt+del , but it will get you only to see the taskbar.

10-24-05, 07:12 AM
thanks for the feed back but nothing is working lol yes i did alt tab the game slowed down and i coudlnt even access any windows this sucks .. guess i`d have to wait for a q4 minimizer like there was one for q3

10-24-05, 07:38 AM
Press the "start" key? Some games work.

10-24-05, 08:05 AM
ultimate.. there's no reason going into window mode should not work. after you execute the vid_restart command you have to give your system time to complete it. its going to freeze it up for a few seconds but it should eventually show the desktop and have the game in a window.