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10-23-05, 12:43 PM
I just finished beating The warriors game last night. I didnt expect much from it, being that its the dredded "movie to game" types. But its actually really fun.

It actually goes into way more detail than the movie did about the actual members of the warriors. Like when they joined, how did the members join, who their main rivals are, why cyrus even called that huge meeting, and why everyone was really after them. (it wasnt just that everyone thought they shot cyrus but because cyrus was dead it foiled the biggest gang plan ever--they didnt really touch on that in the movie)

rockstar went into detail on the enviroments, and even the slang talk from the movie. youll hear all types of words like "wool, burners, bombs, wrecking someone, etc." all the characters are like from the movies, youll hear ajax calling someone a wimp once or twice, rembrandt has alot of graffiti type missions.

Co-op is major fun, a friend can join at anytime seamlessly and help you out while playing the story mode without intterupting your game's story. (how co-op should be done) Many multiplayer modes to enjoy also. You can greate your own gang and try out rumble mode, which i havent even tried out yet.

I'm pretty sure its engine is based of GTA, so the graphics arent amazing but the maps are not small at all. The graphic/design style of gta matches the movie perfect i think. Many things to do while roaming a specific type part of new york. Steal radios, mug people, piss of the cops with real laws unlike gta (like assulting a officer, public disburbence, vandalism, assult, burglary, etc.) You can pretty much destroy anything in the city and make anything your weapon.

Combat and AI is better than i expected also. The combat is pretty easy to learn but there are many combo's you can pull off and 2 man type hits you can perform. (for example another warrior grabs a guy for you, you can do a cool move on him while hes being held). it has a rage type meter (that was kinda corny i have to admit) where the more hits you perform the angrier you get and you start turing into a 'super warrior'? to have stronger attacks. AI is pretty good as i said, their is a warcheif command where you can tell your team to stay, follow you, trash everything in sight, fight every gangmember they see, gaurd your back, or scatter from the cops. the cpu is actually pretty hard at times even on the easiest mode.

by the way, in no way is this is a kiddy game. plenty of cursing (in pretty much everything you do youll hear someone cursing), drug activity, and sexual comments going on. in my opinion, its how it should be, it's the warriors :D

even though i have beaten the game theres still more i gotta finish doing, theres like 6 side missions called flashbacks that i kinda ignored while playing the story mode. (basicially tells how each main member joined the warriors)..and i havent gotten much into the rumble mode yet.

*note: excuse my lazy typing skills :angel:

10-23-05, 05:29 PM
Thanks for the mini review :)