View Full Version : System Crash after loading NBA live 2005

10-25-05, 01:37 AM
Hello everyone, i need help..
My system crashes after loading NBA live 2005, what more for Graphics hungry
*With the latest driver from NVIDIA
System Specs:
- AMD ATHLON 64 3000+
- GeForce 6600GT
- AsRock motherboard

I only have a 300 watts power supply, comes with the case, does it have something to do with the crashes?

Reaaally appreciate any help thanx

10-25-05, 02:03 AM
If you look at the side of the power supply (usually the side facing out that you can read without pulling it out of the case) it should give you some numbers like "+12v 16a". If you don't have atleast 18a for +12v or you're running more than one harddrive and cdrom then it could be power.

What other games do you run and do they play fine? Has it happend with other drivers? Which versions have you tried?

10-25-05, 08:31 PM
I opened the case and the power source read +12 V + 18 A, i also saw that the video card has its own power connector, and no power source is connected to it .. it fixed the problem! thanx for the help! without the tip .. i would never have opened the case! :)