View Full Version : Games crash after 71.84 driver

10-25-05, 10:02 AM
I'm at my wits end here. It seems if I go above drivers 71.84 games some games start crashing like Dragonshard and F.E.A.R. within 30 seconds of being in game. I get a hard lock with whatever image is on screen is frozen and I have to do a reboot. However Quake 4, Morrowind, RoseOnline, and Gothic 2 run great. I don't want to be stuck on old drivers that will be ancient in 3 months.

Here's what I have done so far and all failed to help
Formatted and updated all motherboard drivers, ide, gart and sound drivers.
Taken out all un-necessary pci boards and just ran agp card.
Updated all windows software.
Changed out PSU 12v rail has 18a All voltages are very steady under loads
Temps are fine on vid board about 50c idle and 74c under load (tried a boxfan for cooler temps)
Tried all gf drivers from 71.84 on up thru the 81 series. Did clean uninstall with driver cleaner in safe mode
Upped voltages from 1.5 to 1.6 on agp
No irq conflicts
Did memtest overnight and it came clean
Did other misc. tweeks like agp appeture size, pci latency, underclocked the card with rivatuner, turned off fastwrites..

Any other suggestions? Or is this card just not going to be happy in my system?

XFX Gefore 6800 vanilla agp
XP Professional SP 2
DirectX (DirectX 9.0c)
Pentium 4HT, 2800 MHz
Asus P4S800D-E Deluxe
Motherboard Chipset SiS 655TX
1024 MB Crucial Ram @ 3200
SiS 7012 Audio Device (on board)
120 gig WD 7200rpm
LiteOn DVD
Linksys LNE100Tx network card