View Full Version : 81.84 and SLI

10-25-05, 10:58 AM
For those that used the 81.84 drivers (and are still using them), did you have the problems that are cropping up in the new 81.85 drivers? Specifically: required rebooting to enable SLI and not being able to disable SLI after turning it on?

Both happened to me last night using the non-WHQL 81.85 drivers (rebooting to enable has been happening since last Thursday or thereabouts). I installed the WHQL drivers last night, but have not yet enabled SLI to test.

Iím going to tonight after I get home from work and if either or both things happen again, Iím going to have to switch drivers. I know that 81.84 does not require rebooting for SLI enabling, so that would be the set, preferably, that I use.

Any help/insight/comments are appreciated. Thanks!

10-25-05, 07:09 PM
I only had the 81.84 drivers for a day (or less) before the 81.85 beta was released, so I cannot say if those had the same bug.

I do know that both 81.85's (beta and WHQL) have the "Help, cannot disable SLI" bug.