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10-25-05, 05:04 PM
Hi everyone,

I have an XFX GeForce 6600 PCIe card with dual DVI running on an nForce4 Ultra board. In general the setup works well, but I have this problem: After going into monitor powersave, only one monitor will wake up. The one connected to the DVI connector closest to the base of the board will remain sleeping. It's not dependent on using dual monitors, if I only have one monitor connected and it's in that slot, it won't wake up either. If I put the system in standby and wake up from there, they will both come back. I've tried several different forceware versions (now running 81.85) and it's always the same. The monitors are 2 Dell 2001FP LCDs.

Has anyone seen similar problems or have ideas for how to fix it? I'm wondering if it's a hardware problem, why would the driver treat one connector different from the other? (OTOH, they both wake up fine from standby...)

Any help would be appreciated,

/Patrik Jonsson

10-25-05, 06:39 PM
ive had the same problem hit me a few times with my 2001,its a well known problem.

using a dfi ultra-d if i unplug my dvi cable from my 7800gtx and try to plug it in i lose signal to my tft.

its annoying to say the least ive had to plae my card in the lower pci-e slot on my board which seems to of done the trick.

10-25-05, 07:02 PM
I've had similar issues in the past, so I just turned off power save mode and set my screen saver to blank after 30 mins.

11-18-05, 04:58 PM
Hi there,

I have the same problem - once one of the energy saver functions shuts off the screen, nothing seems to be able to wake the screen up anymore but, for example, a "restart" of the X-server. Note that the machine doesn't freeze because once the screen is off I can still enter commands via my keyboard and, for example log off an X-session. The display just doesn't get reactivated until the X-server session has been reinitiated.

My system is a notebook (Toshiba Satellite 5200) and has a GeForce FX Go5600 nVidia (according to Win XP settings) card in it. Linux (Kubuntu 5.1) installed seamlessly and runs with ACPI enabled (no APM).

I'm afraid it can't be solved at a system configuration level but only in or near a kernel programming level. If I presume the ACPI events are properly handled by the kernel, then the problem must be somewhere in the nvidia kernel module or the nvidia X-server.

Any comments to help me fix this issue somehow would really be apreciated.

Thanks in advance!

11-18-05, 05:05 PM
Oh god its not sleeping its DEAD!!! :p sry had 2 do it