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10-25-05, 05:09 PM
looks like bos is already dead....


not that i bought it myself but i thought someone might find this interesting. thats a translated link btw

10-25-05, 05:45 PM
Oh well, the game wasn't very good, but the engine looked like it might have some potential. Maybe, they'll be able to use that engine for another game.

10-25-05, 08:25 PM
GameSpot gave this trash a 3.1 out of 10.

10-25-05, 08:28 PM

Best thread title ever... hahahaha

I always thought the name of this game sounded really dumb.

10-25-05, 08:30 PM
Terrible name, terrible gameplay...yeah, no surprise this died. I can't believe it actually got on the runway, let alone out of the hangar.

10-25-05, 08:53 PM
That game holds a record though! The largest 1.1 patch that was released before the game actually hit the shelves..... the patch (for the german retail version) was 800MB. lol

10-25-05, 08:59 PM
That game holds a record though! The largest 1.1 patch that was released before the game actually hit the shelves..... the patch (for the german retail version) was 800MB. lol
Jesus! :eek:


10-25-05, 09:36 PM
The changelog explains it all:

Very honoured customer, in order to implement the Patch, you start the Patch file and follow the instructions. Please you note that this Patch replaces all preceding Savegames! The installation of this Patches is absolutely recommended, since it repairs several errors and increases the quality of the play clearly.

This Patch:
-Repairs numerous errors in the play make improvements. Repairs problems, which arose with certain diagram maps (crash while the loading).
-Repairs an error, which sometimes arose during the B.o.S. duel. Numerous errors in the code repair and optimize this.
-Repairs problems with the AI behavior.
-Optimized and improves diagram animations and models.


Altogether all levels were changed, in order to improve the Gameplay to repair errors or refine the diagram... All larger errors were corrected (e.g. blocking the player to beginning of level, player in the God mode, Skripte, which does not open, unknown quantity crash when transferring the levels...). Approximately hundred smaller errors were repaired. In the menu "mercenaries" are now partitioned after classes the mercenaries. Many smaller changes provide for a more pleasant play.

Gameplay: The weapons were adapted. The champions and the fights of B.o.S. were improved. The sound of the weapons was replaced by new, better noises. New music pieces were added. The atmospheric noises were improved clearly. In the Levels numerous visual effects were added.
The difficulty stages were settled: The mode "recruit" became simpler. The mode "mercenary" became simpler a little. The mode "champion" remains unchanged, however the income from mission 1 in this mode was increased. The AI behavior was improved.

Changes of the diagram:
Level: Load bay: Cargo_Bay_1 was divided into two level: Cargo_Bay_1 and Cargo_Bay_2. Alaska special-purpose force: Tank in the city: All four level New animation for the secondary view: Shotgun (+ sign) rocket launcher combat shotgun welding set New animation for the primary opinion: Shotgun (+ sign) welding set New models: Documents (Patrol_1) tomorrow and night sky Additional diagrams generally: Models: Many door models bodies of a dead allied one (Patrol_1) additional head models

MULTI-PLAYER DETAILS: All functions and mechanisms of the classes were revised. The classes are now more balanced. Special attention applied for the infantryman and the Beschuetzer. The players can lock bets now no longer from the beginning. In order to participate in a bet, a player must belong to a class. But it must implement certain actions repair (e.g. to kill, chop...). New multi-player maps were added. Multi-player maps were revised. The map "load bay" can be played now in a version "with Exoskeletten". The Exoskelette knew infinitely much ammunition and by each team to be used. Only the pioneers can repair the Exoskelette.

Gameplay: The degree of difficulty was adapted.

Additional diagram: MP_Patrol MP_BigBoy Changed diagram: MP_Cargo_Bay MP_Forces_Speciales

10-25-05, 09:56 PM
Jesus! :eek:

That is absolutely ridiculous.

10-25-05, 10:06 PM
Jesus! :eek:


The publisher wasn´t too bad because they sent everyone a Patch-DVD who emailed them and that Patch DVD was put into the 2nd "wave" of retail boxes as well. I actually planned to rent that game and give it a try with the big patch installed (since I got the free Patch-DVD lol), but I even felt sorry for spending the 4 dollars on rental fee. lol

It´s sad because I think the game had some potentional. The stills looked nice, and so did the dev-demos with the modable weapons, mechs and the armour system but thats the difference, a game can look nice when watching a preview or a dev playing it, but in the end its about what the retail version delivers and thats obviously very poor.

Also, I think the same devs (Kylotonn) did Ironstorm, an average FPS, so it was their 2nd game in the same genre and a step-back..... maybe the publisher forced them to release it early. Who knows, who cares. :D

10-25-05, 10:10 PM
How/where do you rent PC games?

10-25-05, 10:21 PM
How/where do you rent PC games?

In Germany and at the same places where you can rent movies, consoles games and some even carry music CDs/DVDs. Most items cost between $2-4 per day and its a great way to test a retail version of a game before buying it. :)